At Irritech Irrigation and Horticultural Services we believe that the customer deserves the best, when getting someone to tend to your irrigation and horticultural needs.

Today the backyard, and now more often the front yard, as well have become literal extensions of our living area. More than ever our entertaining is stepping outdoors.

With these fashionable extensions in place, it is imperitive that the watering and upkeep of these extensions are maintained to the highest standard possible.

This is where we come in, we can not only advise you with our excellent and extensive horticultural knowledge, we can also install and repair any irrigation size, type or system. Your job is to sit back and enjoy your garden with as minimal worry to you.  


We install a variety of sprinkler systems to suit your individual needs, giving you the choice of manual, battery operated or fully automatic systems.


We can install to your specifications, Stage 3 compliant drip systems (including to potted plants) - ranging from the inner court yard gardens, right through to large suburban homestead gardens.


Systems can be established from scratch, or existing non-compliant watering systems, which can be remodified to make the system successfully usable.


We use only high quality fittings to ensure adequate coverage to all area's, for ultimate performance and results.


This is one of our most important features as we want to provide only workmanship that we can proudly put our name too.  It is our excellent expertise upon which we pride ourselves. 




Water is one of our most treassured assets in Victoria, due to this extensive drought.  We can advise on the best manner in which to approach your garden, by successfully creating a drought tolerant beautiful garden of your choice.

Working closely with Tank Installation to help you maintain your gardens to their peak without the extra water consumption cost, we can also advise and install to your set specifications. We offer dual tap use - therefore allowing YOU the choice to decide whether you want to use the tank water to water the gardens, or the car, the choice becomes yours.  Perhaps you want a guage to ensure your tank pump never burns out, you can have it, or maybe you would prefer gravity fed.. The choice is yours and you can have the expert guidance offered by Irritech.

Graham has the horticultural expertise of 25 years, combined with the fact that Graham has worked extensively, with his own flourishing business, in the hot and dry Western Australian condition. WE CAN OFFER WHAT OTHER IRRIGATORS CANNOT.

A natural multi talented, well knowledged and flexible manner in which to approach your garden designs and settings.

We understand and respect the drought Victoria has been going through and attain to give you the best drought tolerant gardens possible.


Bright Light Of The Garden

Irritech Irrigation & Horitcultural Services




Professional Fully Qualified Horticulturalist & irrigation Specialist, in Advice & Work Ethics.


We offer an array of services to provide you with the best and only the best.

In brief we provide the following:

Irrigation Installations, Services & Irrigation Repairs.

Landscape Consultation & Construction.

Water Tanks Advised, Supplied & Delivered.

We also do FULL Consultations (including Irrigation, soft & hard landscaping water tanks) to assist with bringing your dream into reality.

Peace Of Mind Work Guarantee.


Old Fashioned Service For Today's Elegant Gardens!

This means JUST THAT old fashioned professionalism, reliability and getting the job done right the FIRST time, EVERYTIME.  We invest time into every client to ensure you recieve the best service for your individual needs, with the best possible advice and guidance.




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